Fan coil units

aesthetic and efficient

Fan coil units

Your advantages:

  • Appealing design
  • No uncomfortable draughts
  • Silent
  • EasyWay System
  • Integrated electric heater 
  • Motorised louvres
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Efficient cooling and heating

Fan coil units

Cooling, heating and ventilation at the highest level – this is the challenge that Skadec fan coil units meet. They are characterised by their innovative design and the perfect combination of performance, low noise level and extremely simple installation and maintenance.

Thermal loads in buildings continue to increase due to better building insulation, technical equipment such as lighting, etc., as well as increased solar radiation due to large glass fronts. In order to create a pleasant indoor climate despite all this, our fan coil units are available in various output sizes of up to 10.9 kW cooling capacity and up to 11.3 kW heating capacity. They are available in the modular size of 600×600 mm, as well as in a larger version of 900×900 mm as a 2-pipe or 4-pipe system and can be integrated into suspended ceilings to save space due to their low ceiling height.

The design of the front panel combines style, efficiency and practicality. The special geometry and peripheral arrangement of the blades allow precise, direct control of the air flow, so that the best air distribution can be set automatically or manually depending on the climatic requirements of the environment.

The numerous combinations of different valves, optional electric heating coils from 1.5 – 2.5 kW and the wide range of accessories, such as infrared remote control or BMS connection card, offer a high degree of flexibility in the planning and production phase when adapting the unit to individual requirements.

Extremely efficient and whisper quiet

Skadec fan coil units are equipped with an innovative brushless synchronous motor. This technology has been developed to guarantee precise control of the airflow and optimise the energy supply to the actual output, without unnecessary energy waste. Compared to conventional alternatives, we achieve an exceptional reduction in power consumption of more than 75%. Skadec also sets the industry benchmark in terms of noise emission with this fan coil unit. This allows us to offer our customers the perfect combination of high performance, unique efficiency and low noise emission.

Minimalistic design

After a long period of careful work, it was possible to develop an inconspicuous and extremely minimalistic fan coil unit which, in addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, also impresses with its functionality that has been thought through to the end. Thanks to its clear and reduced design, the extremely thin front panel fits into any interior. Depending on your wishes, the front panel can be made of ABS or metal.

Draught-free air due to Coanda effect

The arrangement of the lateral louvres allows the best possible use of the Coanda effect in summer mode, providing great comfort without unpleasant cold air currents. Thanks to this detail, the cooled air first flows along the ceiling and spreads out there to then fall evenly into the room. There are no unpleasant draughts.

Technical data

The fan coil units available as 2-pipe or 4-pipe versions for heating and cooling are designed for a wide range of applications. The power range is 1.6 kW to 10.9 kW in cooling mode and 1.6 kW to 11.3 kW in heating mode. Fresh air can also be introduced into the room via an optional connection.


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