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Two heat pumps for a supermarket in Jena, Germany

Skadec supplied two air-cooled reversible heat pumps with hydraulic module and 3000l buffer tank for a supermarket.
Due to structural conditions, the lowest possible noise level was a requirement for the units

Two heat pumps:

  • Application:
  • Refrigerant:
    R290 Propane
  • Cooling circuits:
    2 each
  • Number of compressors:
    3 each
  • Heating capacity:
    90  kW each
  • Inlet temperature heating:
  • Outlet temperature heating:
  • Inlet temperature cooling:
  • Outlet temperature cooling:
  • Medium:
  • Configuration:

    – Ultra-Low-Noise-Isolation
    – Optimized for efficient operation at low ambient temperature
    – Frequency controlled compressors
    – EC fans
    – Hydraulic module with frequency controlled pump
    – 3000 liters buffer tank
    – SPS with touch-panel
    – Remote maintenance