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Future-proof refrigeration and air conditioning technology from Skadec

Skadec GmbH – your system supplier for efficient, high-quality chillers and heat pumps. We have been developing and testing innovative chillers and heat pumps at our headquarters in southern Germany for several years. We prefer to use the natural refrigerant propane (R290) and other low-GWP refrigerants such as R1234ze. The focus is always on our customers and our ambition to offer them exactly what they need: safe systems with regard to redundancy, sustainability and future-proof operation.

Skadec’s Services

  • Development in Germany according to VDE and DIN
  • Very high quality standards
  • Individual products & software solutions
  • Risk Management in Germany
  • Uncomplicated service around the clock
  • Early fault detection and preventive maintenance
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The products of Skadec


Air-cooled propane (R290) Water chiller / cold brine

Luftgekühlter Propan (R290) Kaltwassersatz / Kaltsolesatz von Skadec

Air-cooled propane (R290) Water chiller / cold brine

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Air-cooled propane (R290) heat pump

Luftgekühlte Propan (R290) Wärmepumpe von Skadec

Air-cooled propane (R290) heat pump

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Air-cooled water chiller

Luftgekühlter Kaltwassersatz von Skadec

Air-cooled water chiller

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Cornerstone of our success

Your SKADEC advantage

Our offer includes:

SKADEC offers you the unique advantage that any malfunctions that may occur are detected by our machines at an early stage so that our employees can carry out a quality check remotely. In this way, it can be determined in a time-saving manner whether a problem exists, how it can be remedied, and which material is required for the service repair. In this way system failures can be avoided and costs saved.

  • Fewer system failures
  • Increased availability
  • Low service costs
  • Better customer service

Our references

Our references

Skadec Wärmepumpe für einen Supermarkt in Schwäbisch Hall

Supermarkt Schwäbisch Hall

To the reference

Our references

Skadec Kaltwassersatz für die Kühlung eines Bürogebäudes in Norwegen

Administration building Norway

To the reference

Our references

Skadec Maschinen in Neckarsulm

Automotive Industry Suppliers

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Skadec GmbH
Hohebuch 13
74638 Waldenburg

Tel: 07942-94491-000
E-Mail: info@skadec.de

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Sales office North

25693 St. Michaelisdonn

Tel: 07942-94491-250
E-Mail: info@skadec.de

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Sales office West

48308 Senden

Tel: 07942-94491-260
E-Mail: info@skadec.de

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Sales office Central

57319 Bad Berleburg

Tel: 07942-94491-262
E-Mail: info@skadec.de

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South / East

Sales office South / East

89601 Schelklingen

Tel: 07942-94491-220
E-Mail: info@skadec.de

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Expert advice & uncomplicated service

The Skadec service team is there for you 24/7 and 365 days a year

The component suppliers of Skadec

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